Oasis gig for the NHS 'will happen with or without Noel'

Liam Gallagher seems pretty adamant...

Author: Brendan AppletonPublished 26th Mar 2020
Last updated 27th Mar 2020

During one of his customary forays onto Twitter, Liam Gallagher has once more urged his estranged brother Noel to reunite Oasis, in order to support the NHS.

Since the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lockdown measures in the UK, Liam has sent several tweets aimed at Noel Gallagher, pleading to reunite the 90s legends.

Tonight (Thursday 26th March), Liam seemingly appears to have upped the ante, telling his 3.2 million followers that an Oasis reunion " will happen with or with out Noel Gallagher".

Liam goes on to acknowledge the fact that without Noel, it "may not be the same", but assures the world, in classic Liam style: "trust me it’ll still blow you knickers off".

He followed up this tweet with one ten minutes later simply saying "C'mon NOEL GALLAGHER"

In the replies to his original tweet (always a rich seam of Liam's thoughts on a topic), he seems to suggest that he'll be putting in a call to former Oasis members, including guitarist Gem Archer, drummer Alan White, bassist Andy Bell, and original Oasis rhythm guitarist and co-founder Bonehead.

Over the past 6 days, Liam has repeatedly called out his brother on Twitter (a platform that Noel refuses to join, but occasionally distributes messages from via his team), for an Oasis reunion to help those in the NHS dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

On 19th March, Liam said that once the emergency was "put to bed", they'd "need to get oasis back for a 1 of sic gig" for charity.

Then, on 24th March, Liam once more took to Twitter, saying in more forthright terms that he was "sick of pleading begging etc", and that he demanded a reunion, with all the money "going to NHS"

Watch Liam in fine form chatting to our Dave Berry about 90s fashion and more here:

As of this moment in time, it's not quite clear how any funds raised from an Oasis reunion gig would be given to the NHS or, more importantly, what Noel thinks of such plans.

When talking to Absolute Radio at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2019, Noel seemed pretty unequivocal on his views on Liam - watch the expletive-laden response below!

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