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Jeff Brazier's Only Human podcast
Author: Scott ColothanPublished 26th Jan 2021
Last updated 26th Jan 2021

We’re extremely pleased to announce a brand-new, straight-talking, life-enhancing podcast from Absolute Radio, Jeff Brazier - Only Human, has launched.

TV presenter turned agony uncle, Jeff Brazier brings his own brand of wisdom, warmth and humour to help listeners with their dilemmas and demonstrates how we can all find the funny in what life throws at us.

Jeff Brazier - Only Human is a brand-new podcast that provides a safe space to discuss difficult subjects and an opportunity for you to talk about issues that you may be dealing with such as mental health, parenting, home-schooling, motivation, purpose and uncertainty.

Jeff Brazier has had more than his fair share of tragedy. His father, the skipper of the doomed Marchioness, died when Jeff was just 10 years old. And his former partner, reality TV star Jade Goody, died of cancer aged 27, leaving Jeff to raise their two sons alone.

But Jeff has met his life’s challenges with extraordinary resilience and determination. He retrained as a life coach, qualified as a grief counsellor, and wrote a book called ‘The Grief Survival Guide’.

An active advocate for better mental health, Jeff is on a mission to make life easier for others. In this podcast Jeff talks honestly about his experiences, uses his insights to help listeners with their dilemmas, and assists us all to find the humour in life’s trials.

How to listen to Absolute Radio's Jeff Brazier - Only Human podcast:

You can listen to Episode 1 of the Jeff Brazier - Only Human podcast right here:

Episodes will be available to download every Tuesday (from 26th January) from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, the Absolute Radio app,, and all mainstream podcast providers.

Listen to Jeff Brazier - Only Human

Revealing more about Jeff Brazier - Only Human podcast, Jeff said: “You'll know me for many reasons I'm sure but the one at the moment that's particularly relevant to this (podcast) is that I'm a Life Coach - an NLP Practitioner, I'm the author of 'The Grief Survival Guide' which has helped hopefully thousands of people to navigate the tricky path of grief and loss.

“But, for now I'm also the host of the 'Only Human' podcast as well. I think there's a lot of podcasts out there that are wonderful in helping us aspire to be high performers, high achievers. But I also know that there are a lot of people out there who would just like to be okay and just be able to cope - and that be enough.

“So, really, I hope to merge the two and give people a platform to be able to ask questions whereby we don't just answer the questions and give advice and opinions but maybe a little bit of perspective and maybe just a conversation around these difficult subjects that probably a lot of us are facing at the moment, so wanting to be there for one another.

“It's one of my biggest passions to help people to be accessible, to share a little bit of my own vulnerability with you maybe because I know that always makes people feel like 'oh ok - then it's not just me' So lots of benefits to - every Tuesday, listening to the 'Only Human' podcast which you can download on the Absolute Radio app but you can also get it from where you usually get your podcasts as well. So, get your questions ready and join me every Tuesday on 'Only Human' - thank you!”

Absolute Radio Breakfast Show presenter Dave Berry also had this to say:

Listen to Jeff Brazier - Only Human

Mental Health Support

If you or someone you know is struggling right now, you can visit Absolute Radio’s Mental Health Page right here for information about where you can get support.

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