We're Absolute Radio.

Approximately 10 years ago, a bunch of people with an inability to act their age set out to create something wonderful for folks like them. Unfortunately the Jaffa Cake catapult never entered full production, but along the way they did come up with Absolute Radio.

Today we’re still indulging our love of great music, our passion for football, and our steadfast refusal to grow up.


We’re into good music from the past, we love new music from the present, and if we had a time machine we’d be pretty keen on music from the future, too. Most importantly we believe in real music – you won’t find plastic pop here. Absolute Radio is our main station, but we also have a station for every decade from the 60s to the 20s, so we’ve always got music for the mood you’re in. Oh, and we’ve got a wonderful thing called the No Repeat Guarantee on all of our stations (except Absolute Radio 20s, because it's just so darned fresh it doesn't have enough songs yet).


Rock 'N' Roll Football is where football and music collide. That means the best real music and goals every Saturday. It means Robert Plant and Noel Gallagher singing us their favourite chants. It means Matt Forde and Matt Dyson trying to hold it all together, whilst their beloved Nottingham Forest put them through the wringer...

Faces for radio

They’re not much to look at, but mercifully you don’t have to. Our faces for radio keep the airwaves alight with industrial quantities of laughs and larking about.

Dave Berry and Matt Dyson provide the funniest way to wake up, as well as the biggest guests, gigs and tunes, every weekday from 6am.

Andy Bush and Richie Firth bring you the Hometime Show every weekday from 4pm, with quite frankly the weirdest listeners on radio. Honestly, we have no idea where they get you lot from.

Jason Manford wakes you up on Sunday mornings, with his comedian pals and a fine collection of jumpers.

Frank Skinner gives you a verbal caffeine kick into the weekend with observations from the newspapers and tales from his own life.

Absolute Radio Live

Nothing quite compares to live music. Absolute Radio Live is the name we give to our coverage of some of the biggest festivals, including the Isle of Wight Festival. We also like to put on some fantastic gigs in amazing locations, like Elbow playing the St. Paul’s Cathedral crypt.

Absolute Radio

Hometime with Bush & Richie